New York in 20 Hours

You only have 20 hours to see the sites during your visit to New York City. What do you see?

My friend Anna Ehlen and I just had this issue. She had never been to New York City, but is living in Pennsylvania for the summer, so I invited her up for the weekend. It worked out, but only for 20 hours. Here’s how we made it work….

First, I picked her up at Penn Station shortly after 8 pm on a Friday. We immediately went back to where I’ve been living in the Upper East Side, put her stuff down and then went to the roof. We enjoyed the view of the city, and then left for Times Square. Even with only 20 hours, I wanted to make sure Anna saw it. At night it was a perfect opportunity to see everything lit up. We then walked to Rockefeller Center and headed home.

The next morning we slept in and then left around 10:30 am to get breakfast/brunch. Less than 6 hours left. of our 20 hoursWe took the Q train from 72 to Canal (like I do every morning for work) and went to Nickel & Diner, off Hester & Center.

NYC in 20 Hours

NYC in 20 Hours

NYC in 20 Hours

NYC in 20 Hours

NYC in 20 Hours

After a yummy brunch, we walked around the area. This allowed us to see Chinatown and Little Italy (and walk past my workplace!). We meandered the streets before heading north through NoLita and toward SoHo. Walking along Spring St gave us the chance to go in some stores and boutiques including Aerie’s pop-Uup, which I highly suggest.

NYC in 20 Hours

Wandering the streets of SoHo turned into NoHo to Washington Square Park. Then we touched Greenwich Village and caught the subway up to the south end of Central Park. Anna has never eaten at Le Pain so I figured it would be a easy place to stop. From there we walked north and then east through the park to get home. About 16 miles total!

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Only 20 hours. But we saw so much. 16 miles stretches out for a lot of streets walked. A lot of sights seen. This was a stretch from 72 St to Canal St. We saw a lot, got our sleep and still got to eat yummy food. Anna experienced the city. We may not have gone on the Staten Island Ferry or gone up the Empire State Building, but Anna got to see what a lot of the city. Definitely not all of it though.

My advice, give yourself more than 20 hours if you can. But sometimes it’s just not possible.

Where would you suggest people definitely see? Or how would you do New York City in 20 hours?





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  1. What a great tour! And your friend got to see a lot of New York through your eyes! Love the pics of the food at the Nickel and Diner!

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