Staying Motivated

mark rothko at the whitney

Mark Rothko at the Whitney

mark rothko is a name i’m sure you’ve heard if you are at all interested in art. his large, simple canvases have captivated many before me, and i am sure they will captivate many more to come. it’s often unclear just what it is about his work that fascinates people…one of my design teachers and i were just talking about this last week, in fact.

for me, rothko as a man is fascinating. but even without prior knowledge of him, i feel i would be enthralled by his work. i remember when i turned my body in the whitney museum in new york city and i saw this piece hanging. four darks in red. sure, this photo was staged, but before and after it i really did just stand like that. i was in awe.

the canvas just pulled me in. if i weren’t hyperaware of setting off alarms everywhere i go i probably would’ve walked right into it. the dark colors, clearly conveying a strong emotion grabbed and kept my attention.

my first year of college i did my first ever mood board completely based off of rothko and his work. this piece was one that i found and loved in my research. so the ties to this piece for me are ties of a beginning, surprise, and fear for how things will turn out.


Staying Motivated

lower east side fashion

lower east side fashion

the memories of hot, sunny nyc in summer has been at the forefront of my mind this cold, midwest winter. it was a great time for me to experiment with what i was wearing, because no one would give me a second glance (other than some creeps like the guy who told me he loved my feet).

i got this handkerchief scarf at Abigail’s Apparel in downtown st. charles, missouri, and honestly wore it so often that the hem at the bottom started to tear! it’s gotten a lot of use. this particular day, i was out and about exploring the lower east side. i had just bought my first “lip tar” at obsessive compulsive cosmetics and was wearing it with pride. with my fabulous lips, my fun, flowy dress, and my insanely comfortable Sanuks shoes , i felt invincible.

i was on a tour through the Fashion Institute of Technology and my tour guide, trina, was always the assigned photographer. this photo was right across the street from a great brunch place called Dudley’s, that i ate at in november…post to follow maybe? 😉

but, back to this day, and this dress. i walked into Quinn’s in the lower east side, and the gal working loved the dress so much that she actually wrote down the name and the information on it, in hopes to get it at their store! there’s no feeling like that. when someone admires something that you’ve done, or something that you’re wearing so much that they want to be like you.